Top Child Talent Agents in Atlanta

It’s no secret that Atlanta is becoming the Hollywood of the south.  Many states such as Louisiana, Florida, and North Carolina has stopped all government incentives to bring film productions to the states.  On the Contrary, Georgia has been approved legislation to bring even more film production companies.

Therefore there has become an increase demand in Talent in the south.  More talent means more work for the talent agencies.  My perspective of the top talent agencies come from a perspective of actually being at the auditions.  I personally seen these agencies at the auditions.

Generally these are the Top Tier 1 agencies.  Meaning they only take best of the best, which usually means the kids have to have some experience.  Many talent agencies in Atlanta will be glad to take you in for whatever reason.  Beware the ones that simply take you based on looks with a thin resume.  They probably are filled with 100's and 100's of kids and you just end up being buried amongst all the kids.

I suggest you purchase my guide "The Truth about Kids Modeling/Acting"  This will explain how to find and pick the right agencies for your child.  You can even review another posting about how to choose a talent agent.

Top Tier Children and Adult Talent Agents in Atlanta Georgia.

All these talent agents are part of the premier association. Atlanta Coalition of Talent Agents

Houghton Talent Agency

J Pervis Talent

People Store

East Coast Talent

Atlanta Models and Talent

Ultimate Models Management

Jana Van Dyke Agency

RSH Management

I know their are many more I can list.  These are the typical ones I see regularly at the auditions.  Visit each site and follow the directions how to submit for representation.

Be sure to read my in depth guide on how to present your child in seeking representation.  Learn the Truth about Kids Modeling and Acting Guide