Private Viewing Premier of the TV Pilot Perfectville the Series

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Aja Wooldridge’s latest completed project to be shown is a TV Pilot called Perfectville the Series.  She plays the twin daughter to the lead character.  Her character’s name is Danyel Black with her twin sister played by Priah Ferguson.   The plot summary is

  • A teenage girl awakens from an eleven year coma in the year 2050,in peaceful Perfectville with no memory of her past, where her innocence is the key that unlocks the many secrets, lies, and infidelities that could ultimately destroy the city.

Here are some pictures of the Private Viewing Party

This video is Aja giving her impromptu Speech about her role.

Aja giving her introduction of her character for the TV Pilot #perfectville. Perfectville The Series

Posted by Aja Wooldridge on Sunday, June 7, 2015

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