Top 5 Sacrifices to be a Child Star

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Many people ask me how to get their child into the modeling and acting industry.  The first thing I tell them is that quite frankly that they should think twice.  I say this not to be mean or being a hater.  The reason is that it takes a lot of sacrifice.

Here is an important quote to remember.

Overnight Night Success takes about 10 years

What you see on TV is just the after fact.  What you see on Social Media is only the successes.  You don’t see the struggle and the grind.

Like the old saying goes.

The dream is free the hustle is not

So here is the the Top 5 sacrifices you will need to make.  If can’t deal with this then you might not want to get into the industry

1. Money – Be prepared to spend thousands of dollars in training and photos

2. Time – All your time will have to be dedicated to your child.

3. Neglect – If your child has a siblings then they might be jealous, that your spending all your time with your aspiring star.

4. Loose your Job – Are you a single parent? Can you take off work to be on Auditions or Movie Set?

5. Friends – Your child is going to miss their friends because they can not have play dates or participate in Birthday parties.

These are just some of the sacrifices.  It’s no wonder that many child movie stars have big problems when they grow up.  They loose their child hood.

Think twice, let your child enjoy their child hood.

Do you want to know more?  Are you willing to make these sacrifices? Check out my guide about getting your child into the Acting and Modeling Industry here


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