How to Get your Child in the Model and Acting Industry

Aja Wooldridge

Learn the Truth about Kids Modeling and Acting

Do you believe your child has the “look” or have that “it” factor to make it in the modeling and movie business?

If you still believe all it takes is for some “talent scout” to find your child at the mall,  then your in for a rude awakening. The truth is that they not “talent scouts” but just merely a salesperson that will make a commission from you. What I am about to reveal to you is way to learn from my mistakes and literally jump start your kids career from where I left off. Imagine if McDonalds gave you the exact blueprint on how to successfully own a fast food burger joint.  People spend millions of dollar to get this piece of information.  Every McDonalds is built the exact same way.  The Frys, Soda, and Ice Cream Machine is all at the exact same location in the back.

It’s the system that ensures your success.

This is why the franchise model works so well.  It’s a step by step process that has proven to work day in and day out. Basically, I’m doing the same thing for your child’s modeling and acting career.   Giving you a Step by Step system to ensure your getting the best success for your son or daughter.   It can be very difficult to figure out what is legit or what is a scam in this business. This Ebook will be full of the necessary information you need to help break into the industry. I reveal exactly 7 steps of breaking into the business.  

1. Why do you think you got?   Just what is it about your child that you believe Marketing companies would want?

2. Photographs- You need pictures, this is a must

3. Talent Agents.  How to tell if they are good or just a scam

4. Getting Trained.  Learn how to find the right schools and not the scam schools that over charge you.

5. Marketing and Branding your Child

6. Finding and Working Gigs 7. Building and Getting experience

I created this ebook because I have heard so many Horror stories and families that was sold a dream that never materialized.  Even companies that claim they are doing “God’s” work to help Christians break into the industry.  Parents spending multiple thousands of dollars on useless training and conventions that was not helpful at all. Parents I urge you to take a moment and really consider purchasing my Ebook.  It will really help you navigate your child future career.  What I am about reveal to you is thousands of hours of research and thousands of dollars  spent.

How much is this information worth to you?

I’m asking for is a very small amount in return.

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