Feature Film a Christmas to Remember

a christmas to remember - Robin Givens , Darrin Henson

The feature film A Christmas to Remember was Aja’s first major role.  She played Jade,  daughter of the Ford Family.

The story is about a urban Holiday film about two families rediscovering the true meaning of family through the Christmas Holidays.

Here is the Trailer

Here is the Plot

Lauren Ford comes home from college for the holidays to find her mother, Mary Ford, in love. The problem is she has fallen for the next door neighbor Mr. Joseph Shepard. For years the Ford’s and the Shepard’s have hated each other. The wives fought, the husbands fought, and the kids fought. Everyone spent years hating each other except for the babies of each family. Reid Shepard and Lauren were too young to understand the quarrel so it did not effect them. They both are now faced with the challenged to get all of their siblings home for Christmas so that their parents can deliver the news.

After they stretch the truth they get everyone home. The families come face to face in a formal dinner. When the parents tell the news the table turns into a big family feud with food every where. Both Mary and Joseph are convinced that there is no way their relationship can work, but Laruen and Reid think otherwise. Making their siblings feel guilty and selfish they get everyone to buy in to fake it for the sake of the holidays and their parents.

The following day while the men are out tree hunting and the women are in the kitchen cooking, the magic starts to happen. The similarities of the families start to bring them closer together. Mary and Joseph educate them on life and love something all the kids in some way are struggling with. Both families come together that night as one for a Holidays karaoke session. and are enjoying the company, when sh*t hits the fan when Joseph finds out his son Joey Jr. is gay. Joseph loses his cool and family secrets are revealed. The hatred they shared for each other quickly returns. After Joseph emotional breakdown even him and Mary come to odds. Everyone plans to pack up and leave. Lauren and Reid both throw in the towel.

Everyone is on there way back home, when a tragic accident happens that brings both families face to face one final time on Christmas Eve night.

The Movie will be Aired later this Year during the Christmas Holidays.  We are so excited and can’t wait to see this film

Here is some behind the scenes footage

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