How to Choose a Children Modeling Agency

children-modeling-agenciesThere are hundreds of different children modeling agencies to choose from. Unfortunately, many parents will pick the one that will take their child on without doing any kind of research. Just like anything, not one agency is the same as others. It’s the difference that can make your future kid model/actor a hero or a zero.

I have heard many stories of a parent's signing with the first kids modeling agency that take them aboard. Spend hundreds on comp cards, head shots, and classes. Then never hear from their talent agent again. The worse is when that agent recommends you have to take their own photographer and training classes. Now instead taking the typical 10% commission from booked gigs, they made hundreds or even thousands off of you.

Keep in mind you are HIRING an agent to represent you. Don't get confused thinking that they are doing you a favor by getting into their agency.

Before you sign here are some top questions to consider before you sign on the dotted line.


1. Do you have someone that is my child's type?

Look at their website to see if they have a roster of talent. Bewared of the ones that have many people with the same looks. If you see more than 5 kids with the same exact look as yours than beware. This is who you will be competing against within your OWN agency.

2. Do you have relationships with many casting directors?

Remember that agents don't cast you on projects. Ultimately it's the casting director that helps get you booked. You need to work with an agency that has great relationships with these people.

3. What kind of roles do you see my child being into?

Ask them specifically do they believe print, theatrical, or commercial? They should know who is booking what and understand what the latest trends are.

4. How often do you expect to communicate with each other?

The agents job is very busy. Constantly on the phone and answering emails is just part of the business. One thing you don't want them to do is forget about you. You want to be able to have some kind of relationship with each other. They should know every aspect of your child's career. The last you thing you want them to do is put you on the shelf and never get you another audition


Don't jump on the first thing smoking.  It's very important that you do your research.  That is why I always say to start off slow and learn about the business before jumping on this crazy industry.  Their are so many scammers out there that sell you on a dream just to take your hard earned money.

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