Darnell Darling’s The Boss Feature Film

aja-wooldridge-thebossLast year around this time Aja had the pleasure of filming the movie The Boss. Starring the Hilarious Actress Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Bell.  Originally during the filming the name of the film was called Michelle Darnell.

The story is about a wealthy business tycoon Michelle Darnell (Melissa McCarthy) always gets her way, until she’s busted for insider trading and sent to federal prison.  Sounds like someone in real life (Martha Stewart)

She eventually gets out of jail dead broke and eventually goes to the only person who would help her out of jail. That was her former assistant played by Kristen Bell. She stumbles upon an idea while visiting her assistants daughter’s Dandelion troop.  It’s a twist version of the Girl Scouts.  She finds out how much money this not for profit organization was making.

Being the business savvy person, she devises a For Profit brownie selling scheme.  She calls her girls Darnell Darlings and she uses them as a quasi sales team of brownie sellers.

Aja was filming onset for almost two weeks.  Bulk of the show was filmed in Downtown Atlanta.  Some of the smaller scenes were filmed in Chicago.  They had used a lot of girls and she had the pleasure of working with many of her actor friends.  Melissa McCarthy was wonderful and what you see on camera is just like how she really is off camera. Simply funny and very friendly.

aja-wooldridge-theboss-darnell-darlingThe Boss is doing quite well in the Box Office despite what the critics says.  Even narrowly beating out the comic book superhero movie Batman Vs Superman