Aja had so much fun filming the 48 hour film project in Atlanta.  Most movies take many months and even years to complete.  Imagine writing, producing, filming, and editing a 7 minute movie in 48 hours.

So this is how it went down.  At Jun 27th at 7pm the team leader recieved the genre and critical elements that need to be added in the movie.  This is to ensure none of the teams cheat and create the movie in advance.

The requirements were:

Character Oliver or Olivia Sandman, Doctor
Prop a peach
Line “I’m gonna tell you a secret.” (or “I’m going to tell you a secret.”or “I am going to tell you a secret.”)


Sounds difficult? Well we just did it and it’s premiering tonight, July 7th at 9:45 PM  at Landmark Theater in Mid Town Atlanta.

Purchase your tickets here

Here is the brief synopsis for the movie “Sunday’s Morning”

A couple and their young daughter set off at sunset for what looks to be the beginning of their new lives together. Following a troubling argument with Lola Sandman’s father, Dr. Oliver Sandman, Lola, her young daughter Sunday, and her lover Kay storm out into the night. Lurking in the shadows is sexy killer waiting to strike.