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Kid Modeling/Acting Guide

How to Get your Child into the Modeling Industry

There are many reasons why you want your child to become a model.  Unfortunately, to many parents make the same mistakes that cost them lots of money and time.  You should have a basic understanding of the modeling industry.  It’s not always glamorous and fun.  It takes really hard work and sacrifices.  I suggest you […]

Top Child Talent Agents in Atlanta

It’s no secret that Atlanta is becoming the Hollywood of the south.  Many states such as Louisiana, Florida, and North Carolina has stopped all government incentives to bring film productions to the states.  On the Contrary, Georgia has been approved legislation to bring even more film production companies. Therefore there has become an increase demand […]

How to Choose a Children Modeling Agency

There are hundreds of different children modeling agencies to choose from. Unfortunately, many parents will pick the one that will take their child on without doing any kind of research. Just like anything, not one agency is the same as others. It’s the difference that can make your future kid model/actor a hero or a […]

Top 5 Sacrifices to be a Child Star

Many people ask me how to get their child into the modeling and acting industry.  The first thing I tell them is that quite frankly that they should think twice.  I say this not to be mean or being a hater.  The reason is that it takes a lot of sacrifice. Here is an important […]

Why your Kid doesn’t need an Agent

The biggest misconceptions in getting your child in the acting and modeling industry is needing an agent. It’s understandable because many newbie parents will assume that is how they break into the industry. Unfortunately, many so called agencies will prey on wanna be talent stars.  These so called talent scouts will cruise around the malls and […]
Aja Wooldridge

How to Get your Child in the Model and Acting Industry

Learn the Truth about Kids Modeling and Acting Do you believe your child has the “look” or have that “it” factor to make it in the modeling and movie business? If you still believe all it takes is for some “talent scout” to find your child at the mall,  then your in for a rude […]